Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Draft Local Plan July 2018

Executive Summary

Our Plan is split into nine chapters which cover all aspects of development and conservation. The key messages from each of the chapters are set out below to give an overview of what this Plan aims to achieve:

1. Finding Places for New Homes

The government has told us that there is a need for 13,960 new homes in Sevenoaks District by 2035. We need to try to find suitable sites to meet this need. We will be doing this by building within existing settlements and on previously developed land. We will be building on Green Belt land only in “Exceptional Circumstances” where developers are proposing social and community benefits for existing communities.

2. Protecting our Countryside

The Sevenoaks District is 93% Green Belt and 60% AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). It is part of the Local Plan to restrict development within the Green Belt in order to protect the special character of the District. We need to make sure that any new development respects our unique landscapes.

3. Looking after our Wildlife

As part of the Local Plan we need to protect the natural environment. It is important to minimise negative impacts on internationally important sites – such as Ashdown Forest. We also need to create new spaces for nature and wildlife. 

4. Improving Health, Schools and Transport

Our Local Plan aims to make health, transport and education facilities better. We want to reduce traffic congestion and protect our existing public transport services. We will also ensure that any new housing has up to date technology. 

5. Homes to suit all incomes

With the District’s growing population, it is important that we provide housing choices for all. This is a once in a generation opportunity to provide affordable housing for first-time buyers, young families and older people. We also need to make sure new housing is near towns and villages to reduce loneliness and isolation. 

6. Creating Local Jobs and Better Town Centres

As part of the Local Plan we need to provide new and exciting job opportunities. We want to support a range of leisure and recreational facilities to create a vibrant town centre, as well as looking after existing businesses. 

 7. Designing and protecting attractive places

It is important that all design across the District is high quality and low carbon. We aim to set up a Design Review Panel to aid new planning applications. We also need to ensure that heritage assets are protected to maintain local character.  

8. Clean air, healthy living and preparing for a changing climate

As part of the Local Plan we will be promoting different transport options to improve air quality and health. We will be seeking to improve health and well-being through medical, social, community and recreational opportunities. We will also ensure new development is designed to be resilient against the changing climate. 

 9. Improving opportunities to relax and have fun

The Local Plan aims to improve the quality of the District’s existing leisure facilities. It is important to protect open spaces that provide value to the local community. All new children’s play space should be of high quality and include attractive and engaging equipment. 


Sevenoaks District's Position within the Metropolitan Green Belt

Sevenoaks District's Sub-regional Setting and Relationships