Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Draft Local Plan July 2018

Table of Contents

List of Policies

Policy Ref Title Page No
Policy 1 A Balanced Strategy for Growth in a Constrained District   18
Policy 2 Housing and Mixed Use Site Allocations  36
Policy 3 Landscape and AONB  44
Policy 4 Development in the Green Belt  46
Policy 5 Ashdown Forest  49
Policy 6 Safeguarding Places for Wildlife and Nature  51
Policy 7 Transport and Infrastructure  57
Policy 8 Market and Affordable Housing Mix  62
Policy 9 Provision of Affordable Housing  65
Policy 10 Housing in Rural Areas  68
Policy 11 Provision for the Gypsy and Traveller Community  69
Policy 12 Housing Density  71
Policy 13 Supporting a Vibrant and Balanced Economy  74
Policy 14 Town and Local Centres  80
Policy 15 Design Principles  85
Policy 16 Historic Environment  90
Policy 17 Heritage Assets  93
Policy 18 Health and Wellbeing, Air Quality, Climate Change and Flooding  99
Policy 19 Open Space, Sport and Leisure  103


Appendices (available electronically)

Appendix 1 New Housing and Mixed Use Sites for Consultation
Appendix 2 Allocations and Development Management Plan (ADMP): Existing Housing and Mixed Use Allocations
Appendix 3 Gypsy and Traveller Sites for Consultation
Appendix 4 New Employment Sites for Consultation
Appendix 5 Allocations and Development Management Plan (ADMP): Existing Employment Allocations
Appendix 6 Proposed Design Guidance for Consultation
Appendix 7 Town, Village and Neighbourhood Centres for Consultation
Appendix 8 Proposed Open Space Designations for Consultation