Sevenoaks Local List 2nd Tranche Public Consultation


We want to hear the public’s views on the proposed adoption of the second tranche of the Local List for the Sevenoaks Town.

To view all the proposals and to find out more information on each property, including history and why it has been nominated, please use our interactive map by clicking here.


What is a Local List?

A Local List identifies and describes locally important buildings, structures, street furniture and leisure spaces. Sevenoaks District Council has been working with the Sevenoaks Society to identify buildings, structures, street furniture and leisure spaces that are of historic character or those that play a key part in the history of Sevenoaks. A team of volunteers from the Sevenoaks Society have surveyed the streets of Sevenoaks and assessed buildings and structures against agreed criteria. These proposals were then put to a panel of specialists including a representative of Historic England to approve or reject. From this we have produced a ‘Local List’ for the town of Sevenoaks. The Supplementary Planning Document and the first tranche of the Local List were adopted at the Sevenoaks District Council’s Cabinet meeting on 20th April 2017 and are available to view online here:

The Local List is not the same as a statutory Listed Building generally referred to as Grade I, Grade II* or Grade II and which are buildings and structures of national importance. Those buildings and structures also have a special legal status which locally listed buildings and structures do not.

The adoption of a Local List fulfils the requirement of Policy EN4 of the Council’s Allocations and Development Management Plan (2015).

The Local List Supplementary Planning Document which lists the selection criteria as well as setting out implications for owners can be found via the links below.

What does it mean for the property owners?

The buildings, street furniture and leisure spaces included in the Local List are a heritage asset and the inclusion on the list means that this status is clarified for future. The Local List will also clarify what is considered historically important about the building, street furniture and leisure spaces.

Buildings and boundary treatments in a Conservation Area will see no change regarding their permitted development rights as planning permission must be obtained for demolition of buildings and boundary treatments in a Conservation Area. To find out more about householders’ permitted development rights see:

Article 4 Directions

The District Council, at its Cabinet meeting on 20th April 2017, resolved to apply an Article 4 Direction to the first tranche of Locally Listed assets not in a Conservation Area, to require planning permission be sought before any demolition. Locally Listed buildings in a Conservation Area must already obtain planning permission to demolish their buildings and boundary treatments and we wanted all the locally listed buildings and boundary treatments to have the same level of protection they would have if they were in Conservation Areas. The Council is also proposing to apply an Article 4 Direction to the second tranche of locally listed buildings outside of Conservation Areas. The authority to do this is provided under Article 4 of the General Permitted Development Order 2015. There would be no charge for this the planning application. More information on this decision can be found on the Council’s website under the ‘Residents’ tab, then ‘Council meetings, agendas and minutes’ and search the online calendar for the April 20th Cabinet meeting.

For more information on the Article 4 Directions please see the FAQs linked below.

What happens next?

The consultation is open for the second tranche of the Local List from Wednesday 22nd November 2017 until 5pm on Wednesday 10th January 2018.

We would welcome your views as to whether you consider the nominations to be appropriate, whether you consider there is any further information that you wish to know or whether you have any other comments regarding the nomination.  You can make written comments:

There will be a morning surgery at Sevenoaks Library where Officers will be available to discuss any aspect of the proposals on Saturday 2nd December from 10am –12 noon.

All comments will be reviewed and included in the final report and recommendation to Cabinet. This part of the process is currently scheduled for early 2018.

This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    22 Nov 2017 at 09:00
  • Closed
    10 Jan 2018 at 17:00