Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Ensuring new development respects local distinctiveness Outdoor Lighting Policy 15 - Design Principles [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 01 Oct 2018
Current Status Accepted
  1. Character We request that the following key question is added:

‘Does the proposal maximise “place making” in which public realm and pedestrian spaces have prominence over parking, roads and servicing?’

  1. Working with the Site and its Context We request the following design criteria are added:

‘Proposals must demonstrate a thorough understanding and analysis of the character of the setting, identifying significant aspects, and demonstrate how the proposals respond to that analysis.

Proposals must provide a detailed site analysis, including (for example) views into and from the site, orientation, sources of noise or pollution.’

  1. Well Defined Streets and Spaces inc Car Parking We suggest that this is titled:

“Well designed spaces between buildings”

We suggest that in the design criteria “cyclists and other modes of transport” is added to “vehicles and pedestrians”.

In the key questions we propose that the sentence be changed to read:

“…and are buildings designed to turn the corner well, and are side elevations well-designed?”

  1. Streets and Access for All The design criteria should include reference to pushchairs and prams.

Key question should be “is wayfinding intuitive?”

  1. Public and Private Spaces The design criteria emphasises negative points and prevention. We suggest this is complemented by an additional criteria:

‘New developments should be focused around external spaces which are at least as important and the buildings that define them. They should create public realm and a sense of place that is uplifting for users.’


‘New development should consider carefully the relationship between the publicly accessible spaces, and private domain. Secure lines should be achieved by integration with built form, avoiding security fences and gates where possible.’

  1. Design and Character Guidance Add:

“…listing descriptions (Listed Buildings) and the online interactive map descriptions (Locally Listed Buildings)…”

Key question should read:

“Proposals should be assessed as to whether or not they cause harm to the asset(s) affected by the development.”

The paragraph after the table in Policy should be strengthened to read:  "Proposals for adverts, signage, lighting and other security features to be fit for purpose and fully integrated with the design.  They should be attractive and contribute positively to and not adversely affect the visual amenity of the street scene or the amenity of neighbours".Following this para on adverts, signage, etc add ‘special attention will be paid to this in conservation areas and proposals which impact on heritage assets or their settings.’

Design Review Panel Process  We suggest adding the word “Qualifying” before “New development”.

Residential Amenity and Noise The phraseology loses its way a little in a very long sentence

(a)       How would “an unacceptable impact” be defined?  Are there national guidelines or standards that can be referenced?

Add to “biodiversity value” the following: “natural wildlife habitats where the noise would be detrimental to those habitats”.

Outdoor Lighting We suggest adding the following to the list: “ g.  where they do not adversely affect the visual amenity of the street scene".