Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Providing for Housing Choices Market and Affordable Housing Mix Policy 8 - Market and affordable housing mix [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 01 Oct 2018
Current Status Accepted

The table of house types by tenure should be titled as such to make clear that the figures are meant to be read across the rows and not down the columns.

We question the allocation of as much as 20-25% of market housing for 4 bed units.

Para 5.20 In the second sentence we suggest adding the words “particularly social rented housing” after “Building new affordable homes”, to emphasise where the real need lies.

Para 5.21 We question the “alternative approach” set out in the penultimate sentence of para 5.21 and suggest the deletion of the two final sentences. The present wording will inevitably encourage developers to minimise provision of affordable housing.

Para 5.22 We do not understand the table in 5.22. If there is a blanket requirement for 40% affordable housing how can proposals for new dwellings be in accordance with a target to build 28% affordable in the Sevenoaks area?  Does this mean that proposals for development in the Darenth Valley will be subject to a lower affordable housing target because only 7% are required there? Column 1 causes confusion and should be omitted

Para 5.23 If the real need is for “social rented housing” rather than higher-priced “affordable rented housing”, there is a danger that a recommended split which lumps the two categories together will inevitably encourage developers to provide the latter rather than the more needed, and less profitable, alternative. Therefore the approach in the final sentence of para 5.23 needs revisiting.

Para 5.25 In the first sentence of the phrase “particularly social rented housing” needs to be added after “affordable housing”.

Para 5.26 In the first sentence the use of the word “prevent” is wrong and misleading. We suggest replacing with the word “inhibits”.