Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Ensuring Well-Connected Communities are Supported by Appropriate Infrastructure Viability Policy 7 - Transport & Infrastructure [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 01 Oct 2018
Current Status Accepted

It is difficult to understand how residents can be expected to agree proposals for substantial additional development without understanding the implications for infrastructure and without seeing some complementary plan for provision and funding of infrastructure provision. The plan should include an infrastructure delivery plan identifying the main items and timing of strategic infrastructure provision. This should ensure that new development does not impose burdens on existing residents by way of congested roads, additional air pollution, risk of flooding and demands beyond the level and capacity of local community services.

The first sentence needs rewording, since a development plan policy should not say what “the Local Plan” will do or aspire to do.

In the second sentence of the first para replace “may” with “will wherever possible” so as to strengthen the policy.

The location of developments, particularly those that generate high numbers of trips by private vehicles is of crucial importance.  This should be reflected in the wording of the policy, for example by adding:  “Developments which generate high levels of trips will be supported and encouraged at appropriate locations which are well-connected to existing or planned public transport and other facilities and services.  Developments to provide or increase capacity of schools or which themselves create additional demand for school places must include measures to significantly reduce the reliance on private cars for travel to and from schools.

In the first sentence of the second para, after “must be considered” add “and provided wherever practicable”, so as to strengthen the policy.

Before the sub-heading “Electric Vehicle Charging Points”, add a further paragraph as follows: ‘ ‘All development proposals should ensure that impacts on traffic and the transport network should be fully assessed and are able to demonstrate how any adverse traffic and transport impacts created by the development will be properly mitigated.  Developments for the provision or increased capacity of schools or which generate a demand for school places must include a transport plan which demonstrates how travel to and from school will be achieved other than by private car use. ‘ Should some mention be made of the possible impact over the plan period of the advent of driverless cars?

Delete “new” to read “Within residential developments all new houses…”.

Similarly, under the sub-heading “Infrastructure Delivery”, the word “new” should be deleted from the first two paras so that they both begin: “Where development…”.

Chapter 5

Para 5.4 “Choice in the market” too readily implies that new houses should be for purchase. We suggest adding the words “including rented, and especially social rented, housing”.

Para 5.5 We strongly support the view that older people thinking about downsizing from 4 and 5 bedroom houses will often be seeking to move to accommodation which provides more space and larger rooms than the market is currently offering in new build. Can the Local Plan not include some policy provision which encourages this perhaps by saying that it is a consideration will be taken into account in deciding planning applications.

Para 5.7 We suggest adding an additional sentence: “An advantage of affordable, and social, rented housing is that this pressure to extend, if it exists at all, is to a much lesser extent.”