Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Protecting, Conserving and Enhancing Green Belt, Landscape and the Natural Environment Green Belt Policy 4 - Development in the Green Belt [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 01 Oct 2018
Current Status Accepted

In the section on ‘Extensions and replacement buildings in the Green Belt’ we suggest that, in the last sentence the word “materially” be either omitted altogether or defined. Otherwise there will be endless scope for argument on applications and appeal as to what are the limits of materiality

We suggest that after paragraph a. under “Basements in the Green Belt” the word “and” is added, since otherwise developers are likely to argue that a. and b. are alternatives.

Chapter 4

Para 4.2 Given the ageing population of Sevenoaks we might have expected the plan to have specifically addressed the provision of medical facilities particularly given that the Sevenoaks Hospital site is shown on the interactive map as a site for proposed redevelopment.

Para 4.13 Add “and improve” between “protect” and “public transport”. Although the sentence goes on to refer to enhancing sustainable transport solutions, this would not necessarily mean improving public transport and protecting current levels in our view is not sufficient.

Para 4.13 The final sentence should be strengthened to say: “Opportunities should include, in order of priority, encouraging development (especially those that generate high levels of trips) and more dense development at appropriate locations close to existing services, facilities and sustainable transport with sufficient capacity for the demand (or where there is a realistic prospect that such transport capacity will be provided in time to meet new demand) as well as improving access to railway services and other public transport (i.e. buses) to help minimise congestion and improve air quality.  One of the major contributors to traffic congestion is the use of private cars for journeys to and from school.  In seeking to reduce traffic congestion the Local Plan will aim to discourage the use of private cars for journeys to and from school.”

Para 4.14 We suggest replacing “In recognition of” with “To combat”.

Para 4.15 Final sentence should end: “…help to improve the quality of sustainable and appropriate rural transport opportunities.”

Para 4.16 Add “are close to and” to the 4th line to read “…in locations that are close to and have good existing…”.