Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

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Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Providing for Housing Choices Housing in Rural Areas Policy 10 - Housing in rural areas [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 27 Sep 2018

The emerging Local Plan states at paragraph 5.28 that
“Opportunities to provide housing (especially homes suitable for older people) in rural areas
of the District are much more limited than in the urban areas because of the Green Belt.”
Haulfryn agrees and considers that park homes present an opportunity for the District to meet
specific local needs for older people in rural areas. Older people often look to downsize their
properties but often this is not possible for a number of reasons such as availability of suitable
smaller properties and proximity to their existing support networks.
With cross reference to the covering letter of these representations, Haulfryn creates park
home developments specifically for the over 55s age group. These
developments that provide
single-storey residential homes for private ownership that enable older residents to live
independently in well-insulated, modern and accessible, low-maintenance accommodation
within their local communities. As such the Company considers that emerging Policy 10
should explicitly support the opportunity that park homes could provide in meeting local
needs in rural areas in order to help deliver the overall housing needs of the District in a
positive and effective way (and as such meeting test a and c of the NPPF’s tests of soundness).
Proposed modifications
Haulfryn considers the following text should be included in the emerging policy after the
reference to almshouses:
The Council will also support the development of park homes communities in rural areas to
meet the needs of older people within the local area.