Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Providing for Housing Choices Market and Affordable Housing Mix Policy 8 - Market and affordable housing mix [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 27 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted
Haulfryn supports the approach taken to Policy 8 in which it plans to deliver homes to meet the
needs of the older population within the district.
The Company provides specialist high quality
dwellings that can meet the accommodation needs of the District’s growing over 55’s
Haulfryn considers that emerging Policy 8 is justified by the evidence provided to inform the
emerging plan.
Delivering a range of homes
Paragraph 5.1 of the draft Local Plan states:
A mix of homes of different sizes and types to meet the needs of the current and future
population is essential to help create inclusive and mixed communities
This means that we
need to accommodate the changing needs of households in order to provide choice for existing
and future generations and to promote healthy and sustainable communities
Paragraph 5.4 of the draft Local Plan states:
The evidence therefore points to a shift towards a requirement for smaller dwellings (one and
two bedrooms) … additional smaller units will increase the proportion of lower cost housing
available to buy so that first time buyers and young families have greater choice in the
market, as well as enabling older people to downsize”.
Haulfryn supports the aspirations of draft paragraphs 5.1 and 5.4 in recognising that a
proportion of the growing older population may wish to downsize in the future
. Modern park
homes offer a high quality but lower-cost alternative to traditional bricks and mortar housing
within the context of attractive and community-based developments specifically for the over
Meeting the rightsizing challenge
Paragraph 5.5 of the draft Local Plan states:
Encouraging older people to downsize can play an important role in releasing larger
homes for growing families. However, consideration must be given to the needs of this
group in order for downsizing or ‘rightsizing’ to be an appealing option. Not all older people
require specialist accommodation and it is becoming increasingly clear that many small
properties offered by the market do not meet their needs, possibly because they are simply
too small. Therefore, in boosting the supply of smaller dwellings (one and two bedrooms)
consideration should also be given to providing larger room sizes to enable older people to

With cross reference to the covering letter to these representations, Haulfryn is able to
provide the smaller (one-two bedroom) dwellings required. S
uch downsizing would result in
increased availability of family housing within the current stock for other groups within the
population, including families.
The challenge is not small. Haulfryn welcomes the recognition that there is a substantial
projected growth in older people in the District.
Paragraphs 5.8 and 5.10 of the draft Local
Plan state:
20% of the District’s Population is aged over 65 and this number is expected to grow
substantially, to 25%, over the plan period. Particularly strong growth is expected in those
aged over 75 driven by improving life expectancy
In order to provide homes for life, to meet the needs of young families and looking forward
to the needs of an ageing population, new homes need to be provided that enable people to
continue to live independently for longer, reduce the need for homes adaptations and give
greater choice to disabled people who cannot achieve independent living due to a lack of
suitable housing

Haulfryn supports these ambitions and
can assist the District in ‘rightsizing’ through the
delivery of park homes. No reference is made to the potential for park homes in meeting the
challenges of the District’s ageing population.
The Company’s developments seek to
contribute to the creation of safe and attractive communities which allow for existing family
housing to become available.
Haulfryn’s park home developments are specifically targeted at
the older population and can be adapted to meet additional needs to aid accessibility and
movement within the homes to support their independence.
Creating communities for independence
For the older population, loneliness is a growing issue and it has a number of direct and
indirect physical and mental health and well-being impacts upon individuals.
Paragraph 5.12 of the draft Local Plan states:
It is also recognised that loneliness amongst older people is a growing issue and housing
options that will help to reduce this are encouraged

Haulfryn welcomes the Council’s recognition of the need to tackle loneliness. Haulfryn’s park
home developments not only provide homes but create communities. They encourage
individuals and couples to meet with others through day to day activities and by using on-site
facilities, such as community rooms, as well as providing well-insulated, low maintenance
homes that are more manageable and energy efficient than older, larger properties. The Plan’s
emerging strategy at draft Policy 1 and draft Policy 8 should support ways to deliver such
communities that will help to reduce loneliness

Policy 8
In taking all the above factors into account, Haulfryn wholly supports the principle of emerging
Policy 8 of the draft Local Plan, specifically:
New housing requirements… will be expected to contribute to a variety of housing types to
reflect and respond to the identified needs of different groups, and to help support the
creation of mixed, balanced and inclusive communities…
” and, “… Proposals for retirement
villages will be supported where they meet an identified need…
Proposed Modification
It is important that whilst the principle of the policy is welcomed, Haulfryn considers that it
would be helpful to explicitly identify the potential that park homes have to deliver a ‘
variety of
housing types
’ available within the District. This would be included most effectively within
supporting paragraphs that 5.8 – 5.13.