Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 A Balanced Strategy for Sustainable Growth in a Constrained District Policy 1 - A Balanced Strategy For Growth in a Constrained District [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 27 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

Paragraph 1.8 of the draft Local Plan states:
It is apparent that we will not be able to meet the ‘Local Housing Need’ figure provided by
central government purely by focusing within our existing settlements
This raises two key points: The Council will need an effective and innovative housing delivery
strategy to meet the targets set out in draft paragraph 1.6 (which quadruples the Core Strategy
target of 165 homes per year) and it will be necessary to look at greenfield sites outside the
settlement boundary and Green Belt sites to meet this challenge.
The latter point is recognised in draft Policy 1 (‘A Balanced Strategy for growth in a Constrained
District’) of the draft Local Plan, which states:
The supply of ‘brownfield’ land is limited and therefore this is not a solution in itself.”
Haulfryn endorses Policy 1 in recognising the scale of the need for the Council to support
solutions to housing delivery in the District. Haulfryn is one of the largest providers of high
quality park homes in England. The Company considers that park home developments should
be included in a new flexible strategy to assist the Council in meeting the housing need and
enabling availability of housing for the older population. This approach will help to release
existing family housing, making it available for the working population, and would contribute
to delivering the Council’s aspirations that are set out in paragraph 1.3:
We want to create healthy communities… so people and future generations will choose to live
and work in these sustainable locations
Whilst Haulfryn endorses the principle, the Company considers that for Policy 1 to be effective
modifications need to be made to ensure that the emerging plan meets all the tests of
soundness. This includes the plan highlighting that Green Belt sites will be needed and
released in exceptional circumstances and that work on this continues.

Proposed Modifications
Haulfryn proposes the following amendments to draft Policy 1:
The supply of ‘brownfield’ land is limited and therefore this is not a solution in itself.
Greenfield and Green Belt sites will be required to accommodate growth.
” (Proposed
changes underlined)
The Company considers that these changes would provide soundness by aligning draft Policy
1 of the emerging plan with tests a, b and c of the 2018 revised NPPF (Paragraph 35).