Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Ensuring Well-Connected Communities are Supported by Appropriate Infrastructure Viability Policy 7 - Transport & Infrastructure [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 26 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

11. Transport

We support the commitment by Sevenoaks to work in partnership with Kent County Council and Highways England to mitigate the adverse travel impacts created by new developments. It would be useful if Dartford were given access to any transport assessment work carried out for larger developments proposed in the Swanley and Hartley areas as these could have an impact on local road networks in Dartford Borough. The policy includes reference to improving cycle routes but there is no specific reference in the policy to improving public transport and provision for pedestrians. In order to ensure that all sustainable transport modes are catered for in new development, it is considered that these should be included.

Given the level of development that is required in Sevenoaks, it may be necessary to promote specific sustainable transport measures which will achieve modal shift for residents of both existing areas and new developments, to reduce dependency on car travel for local journeys. The critical issue will, however, be to locate development in appropriate locations which can facilitate modal shift. It is evident that in locations such as Hartley, where narrow country roads make walking or cycling improvements difficult to implement, the potential for modal shift is decreased.

12. Infrastructure Delivery

We support that developers will be required to provide infrastructure to meet the needs arising from development and the use of CIL to help fund strategic infrastructure. With regard to direct provision of infrastructure, the potential for this to happen in reality needs to be carefully considered. It is our experience that service commissioners are now seeking to optimise services and finances through larger scale ‘hub’ type developments. Close liaison with providers is required in this regard. Both Sevenoaks and Dartford are CIL charging authorities and we note that regulation 59 (3) of the CIL Regulations allows a charging authority to apply CIL to funding infrastructure outside its area where to do so would support the development of its areas. Depending on the outcomes of the infrastructure assessments, it may be necessary for Sevenoaks and Dartford to work together on the application of CIL to provide infrastructure which supports the development in both Boroughs.