Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

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Response Date 07 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

Summary of comments on behalf of Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy Trust.  See attached pdf for full document.


4.1 This document sets out a series of representations on the Draft Local Plan on behalf of our client,

Parkwood Hall Co-operative Trust. Our client owns the land identified within the enclosed Site

Location Plan, and is committed to the continued provision and delivery of improved educational

facilities. This site therefore has the ability to continue to make a valuable contribution towards

meeting the District¡¯s special educational needs, as well as providing additional benefits in terms of

health and wellbeing of its students and as a local employer, and cooperating with other facilities in

the area.

4.2 Our client supports the principle of a number of current policies within the draft plan but seeks greater

recognition of the future needs and objectives of the school. We consider that the Plan should pay

particular regard to the recognised need for further space for special educational teaching in the

District, and acknowledge the role that the school can play, which is likely to be increased further by

the planned growth within Swanley and the wider District. We would request that the Council make

specific reference to Parkwood Hall, allowing the limited and proportionate expansion of the existing

site facilities, recognising that it is screened on all sides by established woodlands and the impact on

Green Belt openness would be very limited.

4.3 We welcome the opportunity to work constructively and collaboratively with the Council to shape the

emerging proposals for the site. Our client is broadly supportive of the Council¡¯s proposed overall

development strategy as set out within the current consultation draft of the Local Plan. However, as

detailed above there are certain aspects which we would encourage the Council to consider further

in order to ensure that all the proposed policies are fully robust and sound, having regard to the tests

set out within paragraph 35 of the NPPF (2018). Please do not hesitate to contact Iceni Projects

should you wish to discuss any of these matters further in the meantime.