Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Ensuring Well-Connected Communities are Supported by Appropriate Infrastructure Viability Policy 7 - Transport & Infrastructure [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 06 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

4 - Ensuring well-connected communities are supported by appropriate infrastructure

The definition of ‘Infrastructure’ at page 53 should include:

"Local energy generation, storage and transmission, particularly low carbon technologies that help reduce carbon emissions"

Policy 7 - Transport & Infrastructure

The text (para’s 4.13-4.16) and Policy 7 do not identify the critical transport problems of Sevenoaks and the cumulative impact of the development options for consultation.

Traffic is the greatest problem caused by the developments in Seal and elsewhere along the A25 corridor in north Sevenoaks. It is now essential that a coordinated and long term approach is taken to resolve the transport implications of the development proposed by the Local Plan and at Borough Green, which will significantly increase traffic through Seal and harm air quality.

This must include improved public transport and provision of safe cycling and walking routes that enable safe crossing of the A25, and link schools, housing and public transport. Implementation of this strategy should be the priority for the CIL 123 list and developer obligations. The Adopted Local Plan recognises that east facing slip roads to the M25/M26 could relieve traffic congestion and improve air quality (para 5.2.18).

The first section of Policy 7 should be amended as follows:

"The Council will work with Kent County Council, Highways England and other transport providers to secure Local Plan priorities in their investment programmes, and will support those projects by obtaining developer contributions and through the CIL.

In Sevenoaks, the Local Plan investment priorities are to address congestion on the A25 and at its junctions, and to provide alternative access by safe pedestrian and cycle routes between housing, schools, workplaces and transport interchanges in north Sevenoaks. The Council will work with the Highways Agency, KCC and its neighbours on solutions to A25 congestion at Sevenoaks and east-facing access to/egress from the M25/26.

New developments will be required to mitigate any adverse travel impacts they create, including those on congestion and safety, environment and noise, air quality, amenity, health and wellbeing. Mitigation includes adequate provision of improved highway infrastructure, improved or integrated public transport, and pedestrian and cycle routes. These measures will be achieved through direct improvements and/or developer contributions.

The Council will support and promote measures to reduce reliance on travel by car, and new developments will be required to provide, as appropriate:


      • new or improved pedestrian and cycle routes to key locations and transport interchanges, and in the vicinity of the development
  • adequate cycle storage that is accessible and secure".


The Council will require the preparation of Travel Plans for new developments that generate significant traffic volumes.

The third section of Policy 7 should be amplified to provide clear commitments to the provision of infrastructure to support development, by replacing the first sentence with the following:

"Development will not be proposed in the local plan or permitted unless the service, transport and community infrastructure necessary to serve it is available, or will be made available by the time it is needed. All development proposals must therefore incorporate the infrastructure required as a result of the scheme, or make provision for financial contributions and/or land to secure such it at the time it is needed, by means of conditions or a planning obligation.

The Council will safeguard from prejudicial development land that is required for the provision of services to meet existing and future community needs, as identified by service providers".