Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Ensuring new development respects local distinctiveness Outdoor Lighting Policy 15 - Design Principles [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 20 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

Appendix 6

SUDS - Proposed Design Guidance:
Working with the site and its context:
i. It is key to know if there is any existing formal or informal drainage infrastructure that may serve a site whether greenfield or previously developed. A
supplementary question may be: Is the site served by any existing drainage infrastructure e.g. natural watercourses or formal drainage systems?
Has an adequate setback been provided to any watercourses?
ii. It is key to identify any areas of potential flood risk that may constrain development within the site. A supplementary question may be: Are there are
areas of flood risk as shown on the EA mapping for fluvial or surface water within the site boundaries which may constrain the development area?
iii. KCC wishes to promote infiltration as the first solution to management of surface water but it is not feasible in all ground conditions. A supplementary
question (for this section or the SuDS section) may be: How does the scheme take into account the underlying geology? Is infiltration viable within
the site?