Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

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Response Date 20 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

Provision and Delivery of County Council Community Services - It is noted that this policy has a general presumption in favour of retaining existing sport and leisure facilities, unless they can be re-provided. However, there are sites identified within Appendix 1 where proposed mixed-use development would result in the loss of sport and leisure facilities including:
Pedham Place Golf Centre, Halstead (MX48);
Broke Hill Golf Club, Halstead (MX41); and
Fawkham Valley Golf Course & Football Ground, Hartley (MX52)
White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley (MX56)
KCC recommends consideration of the impact of the loss of these sports facilites and the potential for the re-provision within the local area.

Public Rights of Way - The PRoW text within this draft policy is welcomed and supported by KCC. The inclusion of a specific PRoW reference (with a separate PRoW heading) within this policy text would support the work of the PRoW and Access Service and help secure improvements to the path network.
KCC recommends that there should be a requirement for applicants to record the route of any PRoW affected by development, clarifying intentions for
accommodating, diverting or enhancing paths. The policy should clearly state that planning applications that would adversely affect the existing PRoW
network will not be permitted.
With reference to NPPF Section 98, this policy should make reference to the North Downs Way National Trail and locally promoted routes across (e.g.
Darent Valley Way). Development should provide new path links and enhance promoted routes where possible such as the creation of new paths that
enable promoted routes to be re-aligned off roads.
KCC also recommends that the Local Plan mentions that contributions may be required towards the PRoW network, including the delivery of routes both on
site and off site, where appropriate.