Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Ensuring new development respects local distinctiveness Heritage Assets Policy 17 - Heritage Assets [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 20 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

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Heritage and Conservation - Paragraph 7.20 KCC considers that ‘archaeological sites’ should be added to the list of heritage asset types.

Paragraph 7.21 KCC considers that ‘archaeological sites’ should be added within this paragraph.

Paragraph 7.22 KCC considers that the term ‘archaeological sites’ needs to be added to the list of asset types.

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Heritage and Conservation - At present, the text only refers to Scheduled Monuments. In fact, the majority of archaeological sites in the district are not Scheduled, but nonetheless play an important role in the historic character of the district and the sense of place of local communities. KCC considers that it would be helpful to include a paragraph in this section that underlines this, as archaeology tends to be more difficult for people to appreciate than historic buildings or Conservation
Areas. KCC suggests the following paragraph:
Most archaeological sites are not Scheduled Monuments, but nonetheless play an important role in the historic environment, contributing to a sense of place
and providing people with a direct physical link to the past and bring to life stories and events occurring at an international, national, regional and local level.
They are irreplaceable and development will only be allowed where their significance is conserved or enhanced.

Paragraph 7.29
Where alteration of a listed building is permitted, and where the works impact on the historically significant fabric, a programme of building recording should
be carried out so that the historic structure before the works can be preserved by record. The report on such recording programmes should then be sent to
the Kent Historic Environment Record so that it can be recorded for future generations. KCC recommends the text includes that such recording will be
required or will take place.

The Local List SPD makes it clear (‘The Planning Policy context’) that the creation of the local list derives from policy SP1. Policy SP1 specifically lists
‘archaeological remains’ among the heritage assets to be conserved by the local plan, but archaeological remains have somehow been excluded from the
Local List SPD. KCC recommends this be rectified so that locally valued archaeological sites can be protected in the same way as locally valued historic

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Paragraph 7.35
KCC is supportive of the commitment to reviewing Sevenoaks District’s Conservation Area appraisals.

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KCC is currently working with Kent’s local authorities to produce guidance for applicants on how to write heritage statements. KCC is currently looking to
arrange a meeting with Sevenoaks District Council to discuss this. When the project is completed (March 2020) it will be possible to guide applicants as to
whether a heritage statement is needed, whether a more substantial desk-based assessment, or whether fieldwork may be needed in advance of planning
application submission.
KCC recommends that the forthcoming Sevenoaks Heritage Strategy should be referred to in this section.