Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

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Response Date 20 Sep 2018
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Heritage and Conservation - Paragraph 7.18
In addition to the benefits listed, the historic environment also contributes to social cohesion and public health. Heritage assets can act as a mechanism for
bringing groups and communities together. People want to be proud of where they live and the historic environment can act as a catalyst for engendering
and reawakening local pride by strengthening and celebrating the self-image of communities. The heritage of a place is an identifying link that brings people
together. Heritage-led regeneration also has a role to play in helping to reduce social exclusion in modern developments. Historic buildings come in all
shapes and sizes. Just as they can break up the monotonous shape of a modern development, so they can help to break up the monotony of the social
The historic environment also has a role to play in public health. The current and substantial pressures faced by health and social care demand a search for
innovative solutions in order to continue meeting the demands of a modern population over the coming years. Besides funding, the greatest challenges to
health and social care systems come from an ageing population and the prevalence of long-term and complex conditions. There is presently an ongoing shift
from an acute and hospital-centred, illness-based system to a person-centric, health-based system that will rely upon individual and community assets. As
such, heritage can play an important role in the contribution of the arts to person-centred, place-based care through means such as arts-on-prescription
activities, cultural venues and community programmes. The historic environment, archaeology and heritage form part of our experience of being human and
can provide individual, as well as collective opportunities to engage with arts and culture whilst having positive effects on our physical and mental health and
wellbeing in the process.

Paragraph 7.19
KCC is aware that one of the recommendations of the Historic Environment Review was that a full Heritage Strategy be developed for Sevenoaks, but KCC
is not aware of how far this has progressed and it is not mentioned at all in the draft Local Plan text. It does seem sensible to prioritise areas of high
vulnerability as the text suggests, but identifying such areas will be difficult until the overall assessment has been carried out as part of the Heritage

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Heritage and Conservation - Given that the Local Plan is intended to last for 15 to 20 years, KCC recommends that the policy needs to include an additional bullet point: Recommendations of the emerging Sevenoaks Heritage Strategy