Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

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Response Date 20 Sep 2018
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Provision and Delivery of County Council Community Services - KCC recognises that given throughout the draft Local Plan of the number of jobs that are expected as a result of the proposed sites identified in Policy 13.
However, a number of the sites identified already have existing employment use, so the overall nett gain in employment land is important if the Local Plan is
to achieve its target of an additional 11.6ha of employment land. This would also need to take into account a number of the housing sites identified in Policy
which currently have employment use and would be lost.

Highways and Transportation - SITE ASSESSMENT (TRANSPORT)
Please assess against indicative use proposed by promoter
(A = Existing. B = Potential. C = Difficult)
Sustainability Criteria
I) within 800m walking distance of a bus stop or railway station providing 2 or more services per hour
ii) within 800m walking distance of a convenience store, primary school and a GP surgery
iii) within 30 mins public transport time of a GP, a hospital, a primary school, a secondary school, employment area and major retail centre.
(A = all 3 criteria met. B= 1 or 2 criteria met. C = none of criteria met)


Heritage and Conservation - The initial archaeological appraisal of options for the employment sites, set out in this table, has been undertaken primarily from readily available resources held by the Kent County Council Historic Environment Record. It is not a detailed appraisal but merely provides a broad initial view on the sensitivity of the archaeological resource and the way in which this should be approached for each of the options. The sensitivity of particular sites may change following more detailed appraisal and in light of new information. The process of assessment will be reviewed and refined as the Local Development Framework
process continues. A crude 5 point scale has been used to rank the options with regard to archaeology. This is:
1 Development of this site (or part of) should be avoided
2 Pre-determination assessment should be carried out to clarify whether development of any part of the site is possible.
3 Significant archaeology could be dealt with through suitable conditions on a planning approval.
4 Low level archaeology anticipated which could be dealt with through suitable conditions on a planning approval.
5 No known archaeological potential on the site or part of it.
Note that for each described site several ‘Scales’ may be noted reflecting the varying potential across the site. For consideration of the site as a whole the
lowest numerical ‘Scale’, i.e. that with the highest archaeological sensitivity, should be used.