Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Supporting a Vibrant and Balanced Economy Economic Land and Development Policy 13 - Supporting a Vibrant and Balanced Economy [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 19 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

We consider the policy is unclear. From the draft wording we are unsure whether it is to
be read that any existing commercial building must be considered for alternative
commercial/employment use before being allowed to change use to housing. Or is it
intended to be wider reaching i.e. it must be shown that an agricultural barn must be
considered for commercial before being allowed to be converted to residential?

Clarity is need. In the event of the later, the Council’s windfall allowance must be reduced
to reflect what will be a significant reduction in supply if there is a presumption against
agricultural conversions.
We trust these comments will be considered as policies evolve further.