Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

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Response Date 19 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

With reference to the Swanley Transport Study stage 1 - 11.6.2 p.111/112 and Swanley Transport Study stage 2 - 7.2.20 p.46 as it references the Pedham Place development (MX48 and EM4), Crockenhill Parish Council objects strongly to the proposal to improve/widen/put in passing places in Wested Lane/Eynsford Road on the following grounds:

This suggestion has been put forward to relieve current congestion through Swanley, plus the extra traffic which would result if the two sites at Pedham Place were developed.  We believe that this proposal will increase, and deliberately seeks to encourage, the use of a rat-run through the village of Crockenhill. 

It would be impossible to change the road capacity through the built-up village zone itself, because the roadside is developed on both sides.

The Baptist Church and Anglican Church and their respective cemeteries are located along the eastern approach to the village. Houses line the northern side, with no front gardens capable of taking off-street parking.  There are two junctions (Church Road and Westview) which already have restricted sight-lines.  Because the main residential area lies to the south of Eynsford/Main Road many school children have to cross it twice a day.  Walking to school is being encouraged, but more traffic would discourage parents from this option.

The necessity, and lack of alternative, to street parking restricts the road to one lane, so oncoming traffic cannot pass. This already leads to congestion and back-ups of traffic, and the blind bend at the beginning of the village means that traffic leaving the village is forced to risk meeting oncoming traffic head-on. 

All in all the village of Crockenhill and its quality of life would be adversely affected by the proposal. The effect of Crockenhill village has not been taken into consideration in the Swanley Transport Study.