Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

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Response Date 19 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

South East Water would like to request the protection of water sources is included into your final plan, we acknowledge that you briefly outline protection of surface water. However due to the nature of the local geology, the protection of groundwater sources is as, if not more, important with regard to public water supplies. We also request hydrogeological risk assessments for the planning areas as and when they progress. This is in order to ensure that all risks to surface and groundwater quality have been adequately assessed and mitigated for, as well as confirmation from the applicant that there is no intention to abstract or impinge upon groundwater level, flow or yield.

We are requesting this additional detail due to the fact that many of your sites are located within Groundwater Source Protection Zones 1,2 and 3 within close proximity of our sources. The applicant should be mindful of any works being proposed that may impact on aquifer yield or quality.

Any proposed plans should include robust pollution protection measures and consideration of drainage design and ground disturbance to minimise potential impacts on groundwater quality and reduction in the availability of groundwater resources. As part of the planning application conditions, South East Water would like to request hydrogeological risk assessments for sites that fall within these zones.

Although there is no requirement, many other local authorities have been exploring the use of implementing environmental standards such as BREEAM or LEED (others are available) and setting out the need for water efficient building designs. Aside from helping reduce the climatic impacts of new buildings doing this would help to secure a sustainable and long term water supply within the region.

South East Water would like to reiterate that our primary concern is the water that we abstract and treat for public supply purposes and ensuring that the surface and groundwater abstracted does not fall below the tolerances of our water treatment works or the drinking water standards set by our regulators. Moreover, South East Water would like to ensure that any applicant carrying out activities within a groundwater source protection zone should follow and comply with the Environment Agency’s approach to the management and protection of groundwater as outlined within their Groundwater Protection Position Statements and take all measures and precautions necessary to avoid deterioration in the quality of groundwater below the site.