Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

Document Section Draft Local Plan July 2018 Safeguarding places for Wildlife and Nature Blue Green Infrastructure and the Natural Environment Policy 6 - Safeguarding Places for Wildlife and Nature [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 10 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

2.19 Policy 6 concerns the safeguarding of wildlife sites and encourages new development to

retain as many existing natural features as possible and provide ecological and habitat

enhancements within new development.

2.20 Our client supports the wording of the draft policy and considers that retention of high

quality landscapes and ecological corridors to be important within new development. It is

suggested that additional wording is added to the draft policy to confirm that suitable

mitigation will be sought to ensure development does not adversely affect ecological

habitats and species on land adjacent to development sites.

2.21 The land at Brittains Lane could be allocated for residential development without conflict

with Draft Policy 6 as currently written.