Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan Consultation July 2018

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Response Date 07 Sep 2018
Current Status Accepted

Policy 2 - Housing and Mixed-Use Allocations

The policy fails to identify suitable Green Belt sites on the edge of settlements that could be brought forward for development without causing any harm to the function of the Green Belt as a whole. There are many such sites, but no meaningful analysis at the appropriate, local, site-specific level of such opportunities has been carried out.

The Council makes clear in paragraph 1.8 of the Local Plan that it is not seeking to meet the housing need within the District. As a result of the very restricted approach it has taken to Green Belt land, it has created an artificial situation whereby it does not have sufficient developable sites available.  If it had taken a slightly more flexible, realistic view of land within the Green Belt it would have been able to identify a number of small sites where some additional development could be achieved.

The Council has indicated that it might meet some of the shortfall by entering discussions with neighbouring authorities with a view to them meeting some of the need for housing land.  While there is a Duty to Co-operate, it is completely unrealistic to expect any of the authorities around Sevenoaks to have surplus housing land that could be made available to meet the shortfall that the Council has created. There is not realistic prospect of this process having any positive outcome.

Land south of Park Lane, Kemsing (Site Ref: HO107) is just such a site that could readily be allocated for development.  It has been demonstrated that the site makes no real contribution to the purpose of the Green Belt and there are no noise or air quality reasons that would prevent the site from being developed for 6-8 units. This site should be allocated for development.