Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

1. Consultation

1.1 This consultation represents the first formal stage in Sevenoaks District Council's preparation of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule. Once adopted, the Charging Schedule will set out a standard rate that developers will need to pay when undertaking different types of development in different parts of the District. Funds collected through CIL must be spent on infrastructure required to support development of the area.

1.2 The Council considers that there are many benefits of adopting a CIL Charging Schedule. In particular, a standard CIL charge will:

  • aid infrastructure providers in planning the delivery and operation of infrastructure;
  • aid developers in identifying the likely costs associated with development;
  • improve accountability to the public for use of developer contributions for infrastructure;
  • ensure that payments are made to town and parish councils when development occurs in their areas so that they can deliver local priority infrastructure; and
  • increase the range of developments that are able to contribute towards infrastructure, including small residential developments which have often not been required to make contributions in the past.

1.3 The consultation is carried out in accordance with regulation 15 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010, as amended.

1.4 This consultation document was published on 28/06/2012. Comments should be made before 5pm on 09/08/2012. Comments should be submitted via the Council's online consultation portal through the online document, by returning the comments form by email to or in writing to:

Planning Policy
Sevenoaks District Council
Argyle Road
Sevenoaks District Council
TN13 1HG

1.5 Comments are invited on any points raised by this consultation document (whether related to the consultation questions or not) and the preliminary draft of the Sevenoaks District Council Charging Schedule, which forms Appendix A to this consultation document.

1.6 Comments made on these consultation documents will be taken into account in preparing subsequent versions of the CIL Charging Schedule for consultation, examination by an independent examiner and adoption. The Council's timetable for producing an adopted CIL Charging Schedule is:

Consultation on preliminary draft ends

9th August 2012

Consultation on draft Charging Schedule

December 2012 - January 2013

Submission of draft Charging Schedule for Examination

April 2013

Examination of draft Charging Schedule

August 2013

Adoption of Charging Schedule

December 2013

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